Looking up info for a project that’s likely to pass messages via MIDI into an Arduino to control some RGBLEDs. With success maybe via DMX too, because it’s lights.




  1. DMXSimple Arduino library code.
  2. DMXSimple quick video tutorial (little ancient).
  3. Arduino control shield.

This makes me want to forget all my Trinket annoyances.

Christopher Walken Dance Now by Smash TV

Christopher Walken Dance Now from Smash TV on Vimeo.

A music video starring the one and only Christopher Walken. Compiled and edited by Ben Craw. A Smash TV production.

Posting again.

Finally you can do this and rest easy.

Posting again for your including pleasure.


Helpful snippets to avoid dependency in your library.

I kinda love dreaming up horribly sleazy business ideas. It’s a good exercise to clarify with yourself what you must deeply ensure you don’t end up doing with your time. A moral self-test. Here’s one of them…

Black Hat Real Estate Mind Control

Works for sellers of specific properties allowing the final price to get artificially heightened beyond market value. Service would target the computers of people who are currently looking to make a real-estate purchase. Using browser malware you could alter the display of pricing information of nearby/similar properties to the one being sold. Essentially funnel them into buying your properties without knowing they were paying too much.

It’s a weird enough concept that I bet it may not even be illegal yet :P